Areas of Specific Research Interest:


Space Physics and Atmospheric Science: Space weather, Effect of  Geomagnetic Storms and Solar Flares, Plasma processes in the equatorial ionosphere, Neutral and Electrodynamical Coupling Processes in the Equatorial ionosphere-thermosphere system, Sudden Stratospheric Warming and its Equatorial/Low Latitude Effects, Vertical Coupling through atmospheric waves and tides, Optical Remote Sensing, Aeronomy, Airglow-photochemical modeling, Optical Instrumentation.



Research Collaborations:

  • International :

(1) MIT, USA

(2) Nagoya University, Japan

(3)  UNIVAP, Brazil

  • National :

(1) SPL, VSSC, ISRO, Trivandrum

(2) NARL, Tirupathi, Gadanki